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Belgium | 'Wake Up' was chosen for Eurovision out of 25 submitted songs

Pierre Dumoulin, the songwriter and composer for Belgium's Eurovision 2019 song 'Wake Up' has revealed to Belgian magazine 'Télépro' that the song was chosen for Eurovision out of a total of 25 songs that had been submitted to the Belgian broadcaster RTBF.

The broadcaster had a 17-member jury made up of various different people from the music industry to chose their Eurovision 2019 participant. Upon Eliot being chosen as Belgium's Eurovision 2019 participant, Pierre decided he would work with Eliot on a song to submit to the broadcaster. Speaking about 'Wake Up' and how the song came to fruition, Pierre said: "With Eliot, we sat around the table with his ideas, and his wish was to awaken consciences. But all that happened before the climate protests. It’s funny as we have been caught up in the news. This is not done on purpose. And for Eurovision, to convey a message, it is a stage that we have to play too. This is the message of a generation that wants to move."

Pierre, who is also the composer of 'City Lights' from Eurovision 2017, went on to explain how his approach to Eurovision is different this time round: "The only thing I have to do in the end is to respect the duration of 3 minutes maximum. Two years ago, I found it complicated. Today, I found the recipe to get there, and it bothers me less. It’s the only artistic brake. If I had to tell myself that I have to compose “for Eurovision”, that would not make sense. I always go on instinct by making music that speaks to me and corresponds to me."

Check out Andy's reaction to Eliot's song 'Wake Up' and don't forget to let us know what you think!

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