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Netherlands | 'Arcade' Producer reveals information about journey to Eurovision

March 12, 2019


The producer behind Duncan Laurence's Eurovision 2019 song "Arcade", Wouter Hardy, has revealed information about the song and it's formation from a demo to a Eurovision song.


Wouter has revealed that he first started working with Duncan two years ago after he received five demos that he had recorded, one of which was "Arcade". Wouter was instantly drawn to Duncan and his voice: "I was particularly struck by his voice, and much can be done with him”

Wouter and Duncan started to work in songs together, with the first one being "Arcade". Talking about the song, which contains 165 separate lines of instrumentation and vocals, Wouter said: "I think it’s really beautiful, it’s strings, drums, bass, piano, synthesizers, chorus, Duncan’s voice, of course, backing vocals, that’s why there are so many tracks."


Wouter and Duncan finished the song in 2016, and was subsequently sent to the Dutch broadcaster, where it was eventually selected for Eurovision 2019. The Eurovision committee as well as former Eurovision participant and Duncan's mentor from The Voice, Ilse de Lange, all liked the song and were very positive about the song and Duncan's voice, and since it's release, Wouter has revealed that he has received many positive messages about the song: "I never expected that, they’re crazy feelings, you just do not believe it, I wake up every morning and see all kinds of apps, people send e-mails and messages on Instagram, it’s really crazy, we’ve been here for two years and that’s it. that is how it is received: I am only very proud of that."



Check out what Andy thought of Duncan's song and let us know what you think of Duncan's song!


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