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Israel | Final Song of the Year 'Home' by Kobi Marimi Officially Released

Once again Israel used 'HaKokhav HaBa L'Eurovizion' as their selection method for Eurovision 2019, following its success over the past few years. Last years winner - Netta - went on to win the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with 'Toy' and has brought the contest home to Tel Aviv, Israel. As a result, this years Israeli entry has the special privilege of being the home entry and automatically qualifying for the final. Kobi Marimi won the competition to represent Israel on 12th February 2019 and today his Eurovision entry 'Home' has been released - completing the 2019 lineup!

Twenty-seven year old Kobi Marimi beat Ketreyah and Shefita in the final and soon after it was revealed that his song would be called 'Home' - aptly named as he will be singing in his home city of Tel Aviv! You can give the song a listen here:

He impressed audiences and won the show with his huge voice, often covering powerful ballads that allowed him to show off just how big his voice was. As a result it is not surprising that his entry for Eurovision is a huge ballad. Kobi will definitely be able to connect with the camera and audiences as he sings 'Home', an emotional track about returning home, to where the heart is.

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