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Albania | Jonida Maliqi Releases Official Video For 'Ktheju tokës'

Amid a flurry of new entries this week. The very first known Eurovision entrant of the 2019 season, Jonida Maliqi has released the official video to her entry "Ktheju tokës". Even though it was back in December 2018 that she was announced as Albania's next Eurovision entrant, she has been very busy since.

The song has not only got an official video, but it has also had a few changes that has seen the "traditional revamp" happen in order to increase her chances at Eurovision. The instrumentals seem to be more prominent, whilst there are a few more traditional elements to the songs. Check out the video below:

The video is very dark, and dramatic, and echoes the power of her vocals, and that of the song theme itself. Jonida had previously promised a revamp, and she has certainly delivered on that. The revamp premiered this evening on the RTSH evening news, and is also now available to watch on YouTube.

Jonida also follows on from Eugent Bushpepa last year who opted to sing his song in the native language. Something which the talented artist is keen to do. Will this help Jonida qualify? In two months time we will be able to tell. Thirteen countries have opted to sing their song in another language (or partly) other than English. Jonida will sing in the second semi final this year. She will be the only artist to sing the full composition entirely in the countries language. Could this help her stand out? Check out Andy's reaction to the song below:

What do you think of the official video, and revamp? Do you think Jonida will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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