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Russia | Sergey Lazarev Will Sing 'Scream' In Tel Aviv

It's the one that most Eurovision fans have been waiting for. In the last hour the Russian singer has officially released the official video, and song that Sergey Lazarev will be singing in Tel Aviv. It's called "Scream". The song is very different from his first Eurovision attempt.

Prior to today's release, the Russian star had always been a favourite with the bookies well before his Eurovision song had dropped. Now it has, it is expected to cement his lead as favourite before the contest. However, as soon as it was released he slipped to second place behind the Netherlands' Duncan Laurence song, "Arcade" who has stormed the bookies, and is currently. Sergey will have his work cut out in Tel Aviv to win. Check out the official Russian entry below:

The song has quite an extensive crew around it. It is hoped that the solid, and successful team behind it will help it win the contest for a second time for Russia. It was confirmed earlier in the year that those that have worked on the entry are Dimitris Kontopoulos, Philip Kirkov with the lyrics written by Sharon Vaughn. The team have also worked alongside the Moscow Symphony, and seem almost determined to make this song the winning entry.

Russia stand a good chance this year, as Sergey's popularity has risen a lot internationally since his first Eurovision participation back in 2016. Although, being the fan favourite he won the public vote, but just missed out on winning due to the jury vote. This year, the talented artist has gone all out in trying to make the perfect Eurovision song. In recent year's the popularity of the contest has declined in Russia, and it has been hoped that Sergey's participation will reinvigorate the public's love for the contest.

This year Russia will compete in the second semi final, with Sergey performing in the second half of the contest. Last year, Russia failed to qualify for the final for the first time, and it is hoped that this year they will not only qualify with ease, but win the contest all together. Russia seem to want this bad.

What do you think of the song? Was it worth the hype? Do you think Sergey can win? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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