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Czech Republic | Official Video For Lake Malawi's 'Friend Of A Friend' Officially Relea

Last month the Czech Republic opted to send Lake Malawi to Tel Aviv with the song "Friend Of A Friend". Since then, the group have been busy preparing their music video, with it finally premiering this morning.

The official video has been released, with the song, and accompanying video being filmed at the end of February in the nations capital Prague. It has also been revealed this week, that they have been to Tel Aviv, to film their postcard, and they got their first rehearsal of their song underway. You can check the official video out below:

The national broadcaster the for the Czech Republic had continued with their same format of song selection after Mikolas Josef brought the country their best ever result at Eurovision last year. It is hoped that Lake Malawi will follow in his footsteps, and do the same. The group had won the most votes with a combination of votes from the public, and international juries. Check out Andy reacting to the song below:

The team behind this years song are already making waves across Europe in getting it promoted, and it is hoped that they will be present at many of the pre-parties that will be happening across Europe. They have already been confirmed for London, and Madrid. The Czech indie-pop group are well known in their homeland, and it is hoped that they will secure enough votes to qualify for the grand final.

Have you heard the song? Do you think the band will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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