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Austria | Paenda's 'Limits' Officially Released

The national broadcaster for Austria ORF, have this morning released the official video to Paenda's song, "Limits". Earlier this year it was announced that she would be the artist competing in Tel Aviv, but now we have the singer, and the song.

Since her announcement there had been a lot of buzz around the star. Her unique elecro-pop style have gone down well with her fans, and now her Eurovision participation with the same genre of music will likely give Paenda more of an international fan base. You can check out the entry below:

The song is bound to go down well with both the public, and international juries who are bound to enjoy the very modern and electro-pop feel. Both the song, and video is stunning, and has a very Kate Bush feel to it. In a year of diverse entries, Austria will add another one of these "very different" songs to the Eurovision table.

The song will feature on her new album, "Evolution II" which will coincide with her Eurovision participation when it is released in April. She follows on from Serhat, and Bilal Hassani who have also opted to do the same. The singer will also be present at many of the Eurovision pre-parties, as she has already been confirmed for London, and Amsterdam. Check out Eurovoxx reaction to Paenda's participation below:

In the past few years Austria have done really well in the contest having been present in the Eurovision finals in recent years. Cesar Sampson ended up in the top three last year, after winning the jury vote. Could Paenda follow in their footsteps?

Today has seen Ireland, Austria, and late Poland announce their songs. Do you like "Limits"? Do you think it will qualify? Please tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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