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San Marino | Say Na Na Na Serhat Releases His Eurovision Song.

It's news that we have all been waiting for.... The king of Cool, Serhat has officially released his song "Say Na, Na, Na", with the accompanying video for Eurovision.

Ever since it was announced earlier in the year that he would represent San Marino for a second time, his fans have been going crazy, as to what musical delights he will bring to this year's Eurovision table. The song can be viewed below:

It's a breath of fresh air. Eurovision is lacking the pop, disco song this year, and this is it. The video accompanying it see's Serhat being the king of the disco, and this infectious song will be played in the clubs of Tel Aviv, well before, and after the contest.

The song will also coincide with his first studio album which will be released in April. In a year of very diverse entries, Serhat's style, and song will be most welcome. Only recently it was announced that the filming for the official video took place in the singers native Turkey, and today we have the result of this.

Check out Clara, and Elliot reacting to the announcement below:

This is a very busy week in the land of Eurovision with the remaining countries finally releasing their official entries. There are several more left until we have the full list of songs for May. Serhat is back, and will hopefully qualify for this year's final with "Say Na, Na, Na".

This is the second time that the Turkish artist has represented San Marino. He was also responsible for their 2016 entry, "I didn't know", it failed to qualify finishing in twelfth place.

What do you think of the song? Do you think it will qualify? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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