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Spain | Miki releases official video and revamped version of 'La Venda'

Miki has released the official music video of 'La Venda' to his official YouTube channel. After a few weeks of speculation and teasing on Miki's social media, as well as on the official social media for RTVE, we finally have the full music video!

The music video is very colourful and upbeat, and is like a three minute fiesta! We can also hear that the song has undergone a little revamp, with some of the instrumentation in the backing track having been changed. As well as being on YouTube, the song is also available to download and stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Check out the full music video below:

Do you like the revamped version of La Venda? And what do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below!

#Spain #MikiNunez

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