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France | Bilal Hassani's Album 'Kingdom' To Be Released In April

This year France will be represented by Bilal Hassani who will be performing "Roi" in a bid to win the Eurovision for the first time for the nation in over 40 years. Since winning Destination Eurovision back in January. The young, talented singer has been very busy indeed.

Three weeks ago he released the official video to his Eurovision entry, and yesterday the artist revealed via social media that he will be debuting his album, "Kingdom" on the 26th of April 2019. The tweet can be viewed below:

It would seem that Bilal is really capitalising on his Eurovision experience, and with the release of the album to coincide with the contest, it could see it selling really well. It is already a favourite amongst many fans, which could see this years French song hit the top ten spot once more.

The song was once again written by last year's entrants Madame Monsieur, who represented France in 2018 placing 13th with 173 points. Bilal and Medeline are also responsible for the hit too. The country has seen a renaissance at Eurovision in the last few years as their results have improved considerably. Could "Roi" follow suit?

Check out Andy's reaction to "Roi" below:

Are you a fan of Bilal Hassani? Will you be buying his debut album? Please let us know in the comments below.

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