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Cyprus | Tamta Officially Releases Eurovision Single 'Replay'

It's the one that we have all been waiting for... This year's Cypriot representative Tamta has officially released her Eurovision song today. The track is called "Replay", and it will certainly be a tune you will be replaying all summer. To hear it, check it out below.

"Replay" was officially aired on the national broadcaster channel CyBc at 20:30 CET, and it will be guaranteed to get more than a "Douze Point" from just Greece. The song is very upeat, and brings that much needed uplifting tune to the contest. Check out the official video or the song on YouTube here:

The song was composed by Alex P, who was also responsible for last year's Cyprus Eurovision entry, "Fuego". He has been responsible for several other top ten Eurovision hits too, and is certainly no stranger to the contest. Neither is Tamta who has been considered on several occasions to represent Greece at the contest - both appearing in a national final and as an internal selection.

So far, fans have been teased by small snippets of the song that have been released by the Cypriot broadcaster, in a bit to hype up attention for the song. Now fans can listen, sing and dance along to their hearts delight!

This week will see a plethora of songs be released that will see the national final season come to an end.

Are you a fan of the song? How do you rate Tamta's chances at the contest this year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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