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Azerbaijan | Entry to be revealed on 8th March with exciting Teaser Released

March 5, 2019


With more than half of the songs selected already for Eurovision, and the official deadline for all countries to present their songs coming soon,  Azerbaijan have announced today, more details of their up and coming Eurovision entry.


The national broadcaster ITV have confirmed that the official entry will be released on the 8th March 2019, and will come on the same day as the official Ireland artist and song announcement.  Azerbiajan have set fans pulses races as they have also released a teaser of what is to come from their entry.   This can be viewed below, and comes courtesy of Eurovision.tv:



This year has been one of the most diverse for the different genre's of musical entries.  Azerbaijan seem to be bucking that trend, as the teaser is very different to what we have become to expect from the nation.  Earlier this year the broadcaster revealed that Chingz Mustafayev, Tofiq Haciyev, Leman, and Samira Efendi had all been shortlisted as possible internal artists.  This announcement will leave fans guessing, and wanting more.  In half an hour the clip has had nearly 5000 views, showing how eager fans are for the entry.  


Last year the country was represented by Aisel who sang "X My Heart", unfortunately she failed to qualify for the grand final.  This was the first time in Azerbaijan's short history in the contest that they have not done this.  It seems that the broadcaster are eager to restore their place in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Tell us what you think of the teaser?  Who do you want to see Azerbaijan represented by?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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