Spain | Miki to release official video for 'La Venda' on March 7th

Miki has revealed that he will be releasing the official music video for his Eurovision entry 'La Venda' on March 7th. He teased the news on his official social media accounts, as you can see below.

The Spanish broadcaster TVE announced back in February that Miki's official video was filmed in San Cugat, Barcelona. They also mentioned that they hope his video will be a tool to enable people to live life without prejudice, saying:

"The video clip is going to be a combination of many cool things: a lot of colour, a lot of parties, people dancing... a message that you have to understand".

Since winning Operación Triunfo and the right to represent his country, he has already become very popular with fans, with his song getting a lot of air play, and winning a lot of support from the public and press. And we're sure the release of his video is going to catapult his popularity even further!

While we await the release of the music video, why not check out this behind the scenes "making of" video for La Venda to get us all in the party mood!

#MikiNunez #Spain

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