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Romania | 'On a Sunday' music video to be released on 10th March

Ester Peony, Romania's representative for 2019, will be releasing the music video for her entry, "On a Sunday", on (rather intentionally) Sunday, 10th of March. Earlier today, a teaser was released on TVR's Youtube channel, as well as on Ester's Instagram account.

The music video was filmed a few days ago in Monteoru House, which is a cultural and architectural monument in Bucharest. It is quite a popular location for Romanian music videos, where many mainstream Romanian artists chose to film theirs. From what we could gather from the teaser and social media, Ester is fully embracing the mysterious aura that the song gives us, adopting a darker style, rather similar to her semifinal performance.

On the 17th of February, Ester Peony won Selectia Nationala and will be representing Romania at Eurovision which will take place from the 14th to the 18th of May in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is due to perform in the first half on the second semifinal, on the 16th of May. Here you can check her National Final performance:

What do you guys think about Ester and "On a Sunday"? Are you curious to see the music video? Let us know!

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