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Portugal | Conan Osíris Wins Festival Da Canção 2019 with 'Telemóveis'

Tonight, saw another four countries decide their entries for Tel Aviv, and the last one for this evening was Portugal who has decided that Conan with the song "Telemóveis" will be this years Eurovision representative.

Portugal have impressed this year with the quality, and diverseness of their songs this year, whilst many from the outset had indeed tipped this one for the win.

The broadcaster RTP once again stuck with their traditional Festival da Canção show to determine tonight's winner, and Portugal's next Eurovision star.

The national final has been held over the previous three weeks, and saw two semi finals with eight songs each, competing for four places from each semi that had seen the following eight songs in tonight's final.

1) Calema- "A Dois"

2) Mariana Bragada- "Mar doce"

3) Matay- "Perfeito"

4) Surma- "Pugna"

5) NBC- "Igual a ti"

6) Madrepaz- "Mundo a mudar"

7) Conan Osíris- "Telemóveis"

8) Ana Cláudia- "Inércia"

The final took place at the Portimão Arena in Portimão, and was hosted by former Festival da Canção and Eurovision Song Contest 2018 host Filomena Cautela, alongside RTP and Rádio Comercial show host Vasco Palmeirim.

Tonight's show saw both the public, and a professional jury decide that Conan Osiris would win with the song "Telemóveis" The results were as follows.

Conan Osíris- "Telemóveis" 24 points

NBC- "Igual a ti" 18 points

Matay- "Perfeito" 17 points

Madrepaz- "Mundo a mudar" 13 points

Surma- "Pugna" 12 points

Calema- "A Dois" 11 points

Mariana Bragada- "Mar doce" 8 points

Ana Cláudia- "Inércia" 7 points

Are you happy that Conan Osiris was chosen as Portugal's Eurovision entrant? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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