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Norway | KEiiNO will sing for Norway in Tel Aviv with 'Spirit in the Sky'

Tonight it was Norway's turn to select their Eurovision Song Contest 2019 participant with the national final of 'Melodi Grand Prix' which saw ten fantastic artists and groups battling it out to win the prize of representing Norway at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest. After several rounds of voting and super-goldfinals, the final result was revealed and it was confirmed that KEiiNO will be representing Norway in Tel Aviv, Israel with the song 'Spirit in the Sky'. Find out what happened in the show below.

For Norwegian fans it's been a long wait to find out who will represent Norway in Tel Aviv, with the press conference revealing the incredibly strong set of songs back in January. The lineup was filled with variety, ballads to dance numbers from an array of different genres and styles. The ten songs competing were:

  1. Chris Medina - "We Try"

  2. D'Sound - "Mr. Unicorn"

  3. Mørland - "En livredd mann"

  4. Anna-Lisa Kumoji - "Holla"

  5. Erlend Bratland - "Sing For You"

  6. Ingrid Berg Mehus - "Feel"

  7. Hank von Hell - "Fake It"

  8. Carina Dahl - "Hold Me Down"

  9. Adrian Jørgensen - "The Bubble"

  10. KEiiNO - "Spirit in the Sky"

After all acts performed, the first round of voting commenced. The international juries all awarded their points and then the televote was added on top of the jury scores (50/50 weighting). At the end of this stage, the top four rated performances then advanced to the second stage. These were:

Adrian Jørgensen - "The Bubble"

Anna-Lisa Kumoji - "Holla"

KEiiNO - "Spirit in the Sky"

D'Sound - "Mr. Unicorn"

At this point, the four superfinalists were paired up in the first round of the super-goldfinal. From this point onwards, the decision was handed exclusively to the public televote, with voters getting to decide a winner from each of the pairs. The two winners who advanced to the final round of the super-goldfinal were:

Adrian Jørgensen - "The Bubble"

KEiiNO - "Spirit in the Sky"

The end of night marked one final duel between the top two acts. Once again, the televote had full control over the results and we saw as KEiiNO was then crowned the winner! You can check out their winning performance here:

In January's semi-final draw, Norway drew second half of the second semi-final so ## will be performing for Europe on Thursday 16th May 2019 live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Last year, 2009's winner Alexander Rybak returned with the catchy up-tempo number 'That's How You Write A Song'. Despite winning the semi final, the votes were not carried over to the final, where he placed 15th position with 144 points.

Are you happy with tonight's results in Oslo? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Make sure to subscribe for all the latest Eurovision news, selection updates & exclusive video content in the lead up to Tel Aviv!

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