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Israel | List Of Forbidden Items For This Years Contest Has Been Released

Last year, when the contest was held in Lisbon, the organisers created a list of forbidden items that were prohibited from entering the Altice Arena. Despite this a man wearing a rucksack (which was also prohibited), was able to run on the stage, and disrupt SuRie from the United Kingdom's performance. With this in mind, the broadcaster for Israel, KAN has within the last day released a list of prohibited items that will not be allowed to be brought into the stadium at this year's Eurovision.

It really is a case of spot the difference this year, as the hosts have opted to follow on from Portugal last year, and bar certain items from being brought into the arena this year. If you were disappointed that you couldn't take your handcuffs, rope, and adhesive tape in with you last year, you are set to be disappointed again this year, as these items appear on the list again.

The list of items are shown in the image below:

The only difference from this list compared to last year's is that "Flags" have also been added. This is assuming that they mean large flags, and not small one's. However, the list is pretty much the same as last year's.

Did you get tickets for the shows in Israel? Are you disappointed with the list of items? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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