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Ukraine | KAZKA & Brunettes Shoot Blondes Next To Reject Representing Ukraine In 2019

It has been a few manic says in Ukraine since the conclusion of their national selection show Vidbir. After winner of the show Maruv, refused to sign a contract drawn up by the broadcaster and withdrew her participation, two more acts from the selection have also refused to enter in her place.

Atfer Maruv refused to sign a contract drawn up from the broadcaster, which would include her to give up the rights of the song from "Siren Song" over to the broadcaster and cancel any and all apperances in Russia, runners up Freedom Jazz were appoacahed and also rejected the contract, as well as know the groups KAZKA and Brunettes Shoot Blondes.

Both acts competed alongside Maruv in the Vidbir final, placing third and fourth respectively. KAZKA this morning took their social medias to announce they will not be competing for Ukraine, but stated they shall in 2020 if they are selected to do so and in the meantime will continue to produce new music and tour with it. With Brunettes Shoot Blondes stating that had not been official approached by the broadcaster to compete but shall reject the offer regardless as they did not win the show and therefore will not compete, this leaves only two acts within the national final who have not officially confirmed if they shall compete or not - Anna Maria and Yuko.

It is also being heavily theorised that Ukraine may withdraw instead of finding an artist, it has been documented and reported that they have been meeting with the EBU over the last two days to find a solution and have weighed up he prospect of withdrawing, if they are to withdraw the broadcaster will face a fine for the late withdrawal from the contest. Ukraine are due to compete in the second half of the first semi final in Tel Aviv.

Were the acts right to refuse to compete in Tel Aviv? Should Ukraine withdraw? Let us know your thoughts!

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