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Serbia | Beovizija Semi Final One - who qualified for the final?

Tonight, Serbia's search for their Eurovision 2019 kicks off with the first semi final of national selection show 'Beovizija'. Broadcaster RTS has made a number of changes this year for Beovizija which returned as the selection method last year - previously last used in 2009. Last year there was only one show where 17 participants competed to represent Serbia in Lisbon at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Sanja Ilic & Balkanika won with ethno-ballad 'Nova deca', however this year RTS have expanded. 24 participants will compete across two semi finals of 12 - with the top 6 in each advancing to the final on Sunday night.

The 12 competitors in the first Beovizija semi final and their songs are:

  • Funked Up - "Zašto da se ne desi"

  • Aleksandra Sekulić - "Tugo"

  • Osvajači - "Voda i plamen"

  • Dunja Vujadinović - "7"

  • Mr. Doo - "Do 100"

  • Saška Janks - "Da li čuješ moj glas"

  • Ivan Kurtić - "Bela"

  • Sofija Perić - "Aritmija"

  • Extra Nena - "Još ti čujem glas"

  • Eleonora - "Samo lagano"

  • Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings - "Moja bol"

  • Nataša & Una - "Samo bez straha"

The top 6 were decided by a 50/50 split public and jury vote and these 6 will perform again on Sunday 3rd March at 21.00 CET where the winner of Beovizija 2019 will be decided. We will have to stay tuned to see if the winner will come from this heat!

The six qualifiers (in order of being called through) were:

Aleksandra Sekulić - "Tugo"

Saška Janks - "Da li čuješ moj glas"

Nataša & Una - "Samo bez straha"

Ivan Kurtić - "Bela"

Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings - "Moja bol"​

Sofija Perić - "Aritmija"​

Are you happy with tonight's results? Let us know in the comments below and via our social media who your favourite was and who you want to win on Sunday night.

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