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Ukraine | Ukraine WITHDRAW From Eurovision 2019

February 27, 2019

Today, it has been announced by the broadcaster, Ukraine have officially withdrawn from the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv



Up to and including Saturday, everything was going smooth sailing for the Eastern European nation and 2016 winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, but after it was revealed that the winner of their selection show, Vidbir would have to sign a contract with the broadcaster, caused show winner and original representative Maruv to withdraw her position, in the days that followed other acts in the show including runners up Freedom Jazz also rejected the contract and right to compete in Tel Aviv. This left Ukraine and the broadcaster UA:PBC in a difficult situation of finding an act. 


Monday it was detailed they will be meeting with the EBU to discuss what they could potentially do in regards to Eurovision 2019, withdrawing was an option on the cards and although would concur a fine for withdrawing after the participation deadline. This is also the second time Ukraine have not competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in five years after withdrawing in 2015, due to conflict in Ukraine between themselves and Russia. This means 41 countries will now compete in Eurovision 2019, and Ukraine the second nation to compete in 2018 who will not be present in 2019 after Bulgaria withdrew several months prior.


Ukraine were due to compete in the second half of the first semi final and are only one of two competing nations in Eurovision to hold an 100 percent qualification success rate, and although that shall stay intact now until 2020, it also opens a tenth spot for another nation in the final, which we can believe would have been filled by Ukraine otherwise. 


Are you shocked to see Ukraine withdraw? How do you feel regarding the whole situation? let us know your thoughts!

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