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Russia | Philip Kirkorov talks about Russia's participation in Eurovision 2019

Speaking to, Philip Kirkorov, who has written the song that Sergey Lazarev will sing at Eurovision 2019, has revealed that he and the Dream Team spent three months on the song. The song has been described as being a “power-ballad, something grand and epic” that has been recorded with a full symphony orchestra.

After Sergey's performance in Eurovision 2016, in which he finished in 3rd place with a very eye catching and unique staging, it appears that the Russian delegation and the Dream Team want to try and show a different side to Sergey, and want to give the fans something completely different to what we saw of Sergey in Eurovision 2016. Kirkorov went on to say:

"In our country, everyone is well aware of his lyrical and artistic side, and he dances, sings, skates, performs on gymnastics in the circus, plays in the theater and everywhere. Therefore, our task now is to show all of Europe one more facet of his talent and creativity … one that has long been loved and known in Russia"

Kirkorov went on to say why he believes Sergey Lazarev is the perfect representative for Russia in Eurovision, saying:

"I think it was an absolutely correct decision – to send exactly Sergey Lazarev, who is ideally suited by the standards of a European artist. He was already in the competition, he is an experienced fighter and sings and speaks English brilliantly. He is reliable, knows how to behave and is absolutely professional in all respects. "

"In my opinion, today he is the most worthy representative of our country who could adequately represent us at such a serious musical competition. This, of course, is my subjective opinion, it may differ from those who are categorically opposed to Sergey’s performance, but so far I remember myself, any candidate has always raised questions, disputes, distrust. Especially if this choice was made, not selected in an open selection. Sergey is not going to take revenge, but to represent the country adequately."

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