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United Kingdom | Sahlene will be a backing vocalist for Michael Rice

Anna Sahlene, more commonly known as just Sahlene, will be joining the United Kingdom's Michael Rice on stage in Tel Aviv! She confirmed the news on her official Facebook page (as you can see above) and on her Instagram account.

Sahlene's first appearance at Eurovision came in 1999 when she was a backing vocalist for Charlotte Nilsson, who went on to win the contest and give Sweden it's fourth win (at the time). She has also provided backing vocals for Dami Im in 2016, who finished in second place, and holds the record for Australia's best Eurovision placing and highest score.

Sahlene, who is originally from Sweden, sang "Runaway" for Estonia in 2002, when the contest was held in Estonia's capital, Tallinn. She tied for 3rd place with the United Kingdom's Jessica Garlick, as they both received 111 points.

Re-live Sahlene's Eurovision 2002 performance and song.

Are you excited to see Sahlene back at Eurovision? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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