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Portugal | Final Four Artists Chosen For Festival da Canção 2019

February 24, 2019


Last night saw the final semi final of da Canção 2019.  The final four acts have been chosen, and we now have a complete line up of artists for next weeks final.


Eight artists took to the stage last night, to try and secure one of four final places in the nations final next week.  The final four were chosen from a combination of 50% jury vote, and 50% public vote.  Last night's acts were:


  1. Lara Laquiz – O Lugar 

  2. Dan Riverman – Lava 

  3. Mariana Bragada – Mar Doce 

  4. João Couto – O Jantar 

  5. Madrepaz – Mundo A Mudar 

  6. Surma – Pugna 

  7. Mila Dores – Debaixo Do Luar 

  8. NBC – Igual A Ti


The jury consisted of Júlio Isidro, Isaura, Álvaro Costa, Selma Uamusse, Pedro Penim, Maria João, Rita Redshoes.  They all contributed to 50% of the vote, and helped in deciding that the following four artists should go through to next weeks final.  They are:


NBC – Igual A Ti

Surma – Pugna 

Madrepaz – Mundo A Mudar

Mariana Bragada – Mar Doce


These four artists will now join:


Ana Cláudia – Inércia

Calema – A Dois

Conan Osíris – Telemóveis

Matay – Perfeito



Check out Andy's reaction to the songs below:




Next weeks final will take place at the Portimão Arena in Portimão, and be hosted by the former Festival da Canção and Eurovision Song Contest 2018 host Filomena Cautela, alongside RTP and Rádio Comercial show host Vasco Palmeirim.


Did your favourite qualify?  Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.











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