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Sweden | Andra Chansen Duels Announced

Over the last four weeks, the songs placing third and fourth place in each semi final in Sweden's selection Melodifestivalen have been advancing to "Andra Chansen" and tonight, shortly after the fourth semi final came off air, the duels for the forthcoming show were released.

The name, which translated means Second Chance, is a straight song off between two songs in four duels, the public have the sole power to send one song from each duel to the final, with the other going home at the final hurdle, the four duels, arranged and released by SVT are as follows:

Andreas Johnson "Army Of Us vs Anna Bergendahl "Ashes To Ashes"

Vlad Reiser "Nakna I Regnet" vs Nano "Chasing Rivers"

Martin Stenmarck "Låt skiten brinna" vs Lisa Ajax "Torn"

Rebecka Karlsson "Who I Am" vs Arvingarna "I Do"

The four duels will take place next Saturday with the four duel winners advancing to the final in Friends Arena on March 9th.

Who do you want to win each duel? Are you happy with the pairings? Let us know your thoughts!

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