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100 Days. 100 Songs. Countdown To Eurovision 2019 'A Message To Your Heart'

The 7th of February marked exactly 100 hundred days until Eurovision, it seems fitting to celebrate this by counting down 100 days with 100 songs. The last sixty three years has brought us nearly eighteen hundred fantastic, and unique Eurovision entries that some will love, whist others might not like so much. Each day we will bring you a song, and give you details on how it performed at the contest, but also information on the artist, and find out what happened next? Join us on this journey as we countdown from day 100 to 1 where we will have another 43 songs to add to this list.

Day 84 - Samantha Janus - "A Message To Your Heart" For The United Kingdom 1991

The year was 1991, and the contest came live from Rome that year. The show was in its 36th year, and held on the 4th May 1991 at Studio 15 di Cinecittà. The presenters were Gigliola Cinquetti and Toto Cutugno, and these two had previously won the contest back in 1964, and 1990. The show was marred by errors as the hosts struggled to pronounce some of the artists, and conductors. Also, there were occasions where they repeated the wrong points back. The usually patient Mr Frank Naef seemed a little rattled. As well as French, and English, the hosts also decided to use Italian as a third language too, which drew out the contest a little longer than expected. Yugoslavia would no longer compete as an independent nation, whilst Germany competed for the fist time as unified one. This year also saw Sweden, and France tie for first place. However, as Sweden had been awarded more 10 points than France, they were officially declared the winners. 1990 saw 22 countries compete with Malta returning, and the Netherlands withdrawing. There was only one, "Nil Point" this year, an that came from Austria.

This year the United Kingdom would continue the theme of sending a song comprised of Peace, and Love. Samantha Janus was the the one that was responsible for spreading the message this year. She did it well, with her song, "A message to your heart". Unfortunately, the message did not get through to the voters who decided that it only deserved a top 10 finish with 47 points. A disappointing placing then, but a respectful one now. Twelve countries opted to award the United Kingdom points this year, with Malta deciding that it deserved 10. A little surprising considering the island nation rarely awarded the UK any points at the time. Check out the song below:

Who Is Samantha Janus

Born Samantha Zoe Janus, she heralds from Brighton England, and was born on 2nd November 1972. She is 46 years old. She married Mark Womack in 2009, and has two children with him. The talented artist has many strings to her bow, but is more famous for her acting skills than her singing one in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is a little known secret that she represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision. She is an actress, singer, model, director who has worked just as much on screen as off it. The attractive singer was 18 when she first rose to prominence in the UK after she won 'A song for Europe', and thrust into the spotlight. Although the singer, would later regret this decision to represent the UK. The song charted at number 30 in the UK, and the singer would later describe her stint at Eurovision as "a disaster". This was when she decided that singing was no longer for her.

What Happened After Eurovision?

Samantha would stay out of the lime light for a couple of years. However, her Eurovision experience no longer haunted her as she would pursue her acting career. A career which would be long, and promising, with many recognising her as a result of this. In 1993 she would appear in the "Bill", and "Press Gang". For four years she would then play Mandy in "Game On". She appeared in numerous TV shows in the nineties, and early 2000. She was even a popular choice for photo shoots in men's magazines such as FHM, she came 21st in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll in 1998 and 41st in 1999, was another of her accolades. It was in 2007 that saw her have her biggest break when she played Ronnie Mitchell in the long running BBC Soap Eastenders. She would play the role on, and off for 10 years, before the character would be killed off. It was this role, however, that would see her being a star in the UK. At the British Soap Awards she would win several prizes, and be nominated for a lot more. Since Eastenders, she has played various roles in "Silent Witness", and the film, "The Kingsman". Despite Eurovision, the singer has turned actress, and has had a very glittering career in the United Kingdom.

The 1990's was certainly an interesting year for songs, that saw Carola crowned winner. What do you think of the United Kingdom's entry that year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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