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Germany | Songs & Running Order Revealed

Tonight Germany host their national selection show "Unser Lied für Israel" and after months of waiting and anticipation for the songs competing, they have been released for everyone to hear.

Six acts were announced to be competing in November, with a seventh wildcard act S!sters being announced in January, the reson S!sters were not announced with the original six is due to waiting to find them the perfect song to fit them. After the the six were decided from a shortlist of twenty, they had a week long songwriting camp with top music professionals in Berlin to prepare for the show, the running order for tonights show has also been revealed and is as follows:

1 - Gregor Hägele - "Let Me Go"

2- Aly Ryan - "Wear Your Love"

3 - Makeda - "The Day I Loved You Most"

4 - BB Thomaz - "Demons"

5 - Lily Among Clouds - "Surprise"

6 - Linus Bruhn - "Our City"

7 - S!sters - "Sister"

There are three deciding factors which will be in place for tonights selection, firstly the songs will be ranked by a jury of 100 Eurovision fans posing as the "Eurovision panel" there also shall be a separate international jury as well as a public vote. Last year's winner Michael Schulte won all three rounds of the voting in 2018, will we see one act be the unaminous winner across the baord again this year?

Let us know what you think of the songs? Who is your favourite heading into the show tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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