Lithuania | Monika Marija Withdraws 'Criminal' From Eurovizijos Final 2019

Last week Eurovoxx reported on the news that Monika Marija was asking fans not to vote for her song, "Criminal" in Saturday's Semi final for Lithuania's Eurovvizijos Atranka. Things didn't go to plan for the singer, as both the public, and jury vote meant the song came third, and qualified for this Saturday's final.

The singer already had one song, "Light On" that had progressed, and the singer did not seem best pleased that both songs were there, and that votes for her maybe split between the two songs, decreasing her chances of winning. It has been revealed this morning, that the talented young singer has now withdrawn her song, "Criminal" from the final.

As a result the singer will be forced to pay a fine of 2000 Euro's as per competition rules, but she will still be present singing her remaining entry, "Light On".

Following on from this news, it has also been announced that fifth place contestant from last Saturday's show, Allen Chicco will now compete in the final with his song, "Your Cure", as he had just narrowly missed out on a place.

The following songs, and artists will compete in this weekends final:

  • Jurgis Brūzga – CTRL ALT DELETE

  • Justina Budaitė-Junà – Strength of A Woman

  • Henry & Tommy Modric – Neverpart

  • Monika Marija – Light On

  • Jurijus – Run With The Lions

  • Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys – Mažulė

  • JurgisDID & Erica Jennings – Sing!

  • Allen Chicco – Your Cure

After a lengthy process, the country is just one step away from finding their artist for Tel Aviv.

Which of Monika's song do you prefer? Do you think she should have been allowed to withdraw her entry? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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