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Israel | Dancing Israel Will Be The Theme Behind Postcards For Eurovision 2019

The national broadcaster for Israel, KAN has today revealed the theme behind this years Eurovision postcards. That theme will be dancing Israel.

The postcards tend to be a key component for Eurovision. The postcards are considered to be important for the host country. They tend to showcase the country off to the world, whilst helping promote a positive image for tourists who may wish to come to Israel. Dancing Israel will show off last years winning nation in a good light, as the countries best locations will be used.

These locations will be highlighted through the medium of dance, and will feature several different types of dance incorporating the beautiful landscapes of Israel. Each competing artist will also be involved as they will join the dancers in the specific setting of each postcard.

The postcards will feature prevalant dancers from Israel, and will include Stefan, Anna Aronov, Dana Frieder, Or Kahlon, Idan Sharabi, Batsheva Dance Company, Rona Lee Shimon, the Israeli Ballet and the Artistic Swimming Team.

These will all be filmed by successful music director Keren Wisdom who was also responsible for the video of Israel's winning entry from last year, "Toy".

So far, half of the artists have been chosen. With 86 days until Euriovision, there is stlll a lot to be done. The contest will take place in the Expo Tel Aviv, International Convention Centre on May 14th, 16th and 18th. Tel Aviv beat several other nations to have this honour. Despite favourites Jerusalem loosing out in the end.

Will you be going this year? Are you looking forward to seeing what dance will feature in the postcards? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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