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Finland | Darude Releases Final UMK Song "Look Away"

Finland will be represented by EDM DJ Darude at Eurovision Song Contest 2019, over the past three weeks he has been releasing his three songs in contention to represent and tonight his final song "Look Away" has been released.

Darude will be joined on stage by vocalist Sebastian Rejman, the last two weeks the first two entries "Release Me" and "Superman" have been released and tonight the third and final song for consideration "Look Away" entered the fray to represent Finland in Tel Aviv.

The entry which can be heard here will compete on the March 2nd, the winning song will be decided via a jury and televote split. it is the second consecutive year UMK has used the one artist, three songs method after internally selecting Saara Aalto for Eurovision in Lisbon and selecting her entry "Monsters" via the same format, it brought them their first qualification into the final since 2014.

What do you think of Look Away? Is this the song Finland and Darude should use at Eurovision? Let us know your thoughts!

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