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Italy | Mahmood Confirms Changes Will Be Made Too 'Soldi'

It has only been a couple of weeks since Mahmood stormed to victory in Italy's Sanremo, and decide that he would represent his country at the forthcoming Eurovision. Since then he has gone to become one of this years fan favourites, and is the one that everyone is looking forward to hearing.

After the initial drama of will he? or won't he? The talented young singer has confirmed that he will be making small changes to the song, and the performance of it at Eurovision. In an interview with Radio Italia, the artist has said "Soldi" will evolve from that of the Sanremo version. Check out how Andy reacted to the song below:

Mahmood also said that he was working on the new version of the song that will contain different elements to the "Soldi" people recognise. He want's to make it unique and, "I do not want to do something already done".

Of the staging, and how it will be performed, the Italian singer added that the Sanremo performance will look different to the one he will do at Eurovision. However, he is remaining tight lipped, and not giving to much away. Despite initial hesitations Mahmood is excited for the chance to represent his country at the world's biggest musical event, and hoping to gain a lot of experience from it. The team wishes him the best of luck in May.

This song is proving to be popular. Are you looking forward to the changes that will be made to the song? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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