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100 Days. 100 Songs. Countdown To Eurovision 2019 - "Weil der Mensch zählt"

The 7th February marked exactly 100 days until Eurovision 2019, it seems fitting to celebrate this by counting down 100 days with 100 songs. The last sixty three years has brought us nearly eighteen hundred fantastic, and unique Eurovision entries that some will love, whist others might not like so much. We will bring you a song, and give you details on how it performed at the contest, but also information on the artist, and find out what happened next? Join us on this journey as we countdown from day 100 to 1 where we will have another 43 songs to add to this list.

Day 87 - Alf Poier - "Weil der Mensch zählt" For Austria 2003

The year was 2003, and it was the second year that the contest had ever been held in a Baltic state. Marie N with the song, "I Wanna" brought the contest to Riga, Latvia for the first time. The contest would see twenty six countries all sing their hearts out to try and be crowned Eurovision's winner that year. The show was held in the Skonto hall in Riga, and televised live on Saturday 24th May 2003. Previous winner Marie N and Renārs Kaupers (Brainstorm Latvia 2000). Turkey won it for the first time when Sertab Erener would sing "Everyway I Can". It was also a year that saw Ukraine enter for the first time, whilst the United Kingdom scored its very first last place with "Nil Point". 26 countries participated this year that saw Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Portugal return, whilst Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Macedonia and Switzerland withdrew. It would also be the last year where Eurovision would be a one night affair, as 2004 would herald the Semi final.

This year, Austria had opted to send Alf Poier to Riga with the song "Weil der Mensch zählt". The song would be sung in German, and be this year's novelty songs. He was accompanied on stage by several women, and cardboard cut outs of animals. The song was quite unique in that it was more spoken and shouted. The contest also brought the hairiest arms of the competition. Alf was not afraid to show those off. Despite being a novelty song, it appealed to many voters who decided to award the song 101 points, which meant he placed 6th. In fact, this was Austria's best result in many years. He was awarded points from no less than 17 international juries, with both Portugal and Iceland awarding him 10 points. Check his entry out below:

Who Is Alf Poier?

Alf Poier was born on the 22nd February 1967, in Judenburg, Styria, Austria. He is 51 years old. Although many know him from his stint as a singer at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. He is best known as a comedian in his native Austria. However, he is now famous for both. I995 was when his career began. This is when he started performing the circuit, with his cabaret shows in Graz. The late 90's would see him win several prizes for his work including the Salzburger Stier in 1998. He also won the Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis ,Prix Phanteon, German Comedy Awards (Best Newcomer) in 2000, and the Austrian Österreichischer Kabarettpreis in 2002. It would be the Eurovision song contest that would see his profile rise internationally. He has released many CD's, and DVD's of his comedy, and singing. Check out Andy reacts below:

What Happened After Eurovision?

Nothing really changed after Eurovision for Alf. He complained that his Eurovision result was a travesty, and that he deserved a higher place. However, this has been seen more of a comedic act itself. He would continue with his singing, and comedy performances after 2003, that would see him win the the Austrian Ybbsiade in 2009. Since Eurovision he would release a further 10 DVD, and CD's of his performances. He even tried once again to represent Austria in 2005, however his lyrics were deemed offensive to some which led him to be narrowly beaten by Global Kryner at the Austrian national final. "This Isn't It, Himmel, Arsch & Gartenzwerg, Lustige Lieder der Traurigkeit und Not, Zen, Oid & Fett, Alf Poier singt" are a collection of some of the singles that he has released over the years. He has a new show, "Humour in the shirt" to be released on the 18th March 2019, whilst his new single, "Da Hausverstand" is currently online now. Check the link to his official website here.

The Austrian entry was one of the more unusual ones in 2003. Do you remember it? Did you think it deserved its 6th place? Tell us what you think of here.

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