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Poland | Will Tulia be singing Pali Się at Eurovision 2019?

Polish broadcaster TVP have revealed that Tulia will "most likely" sing "Pali Się" (It's On Fire) at Eurovision 2019. According to reports, the broadcaster, Tulia and Universal Music are all discussing their Eurovision song, and whether or not they will sing entirely in Polish, or whether they will add some English to their song. A press conference is due to take place this week in Warsaw, where more details will be revealed.

The broadcaster received a total of 140 song submissions for Eurovision 2019, and all of the songs were listened to by a jury, of which Konrad Smuga, (who was behind the staging of Kasia Moś and Roksana Węgiel's Eurovision stagings) was a member. You can read the full article at:

Check out our interview with Lukas Meijer who sang for Poland last year alongside Gromee:

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