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Georgia | Three Songs Shortlisted As Possible Entries?

The national broadcaster for Georgia, GPB has today revealed that it considers three songs shortlisted, as possible Eurovision entries.

The broadcaster revealed that these three songs will be performed, and premiered on the Georgian Idol final on March 3rd 2019. The songs have been composed by Levan Barsharuli, Roma Giorgadze, and Tamar Babulia who all have extensive musical backgrounds. The people behind the entry have also stated that the song will be sung in Georgian.

Last year the country also opted to sing in its native tongue, and not in English as they have done in recent years.

This year Georgia have opted to use the "idol" brand to select its singer for Tel Aviv. Over previous weeks singers have been eliminated by the public in order to find the one that will represent them at Eurovision. Currently there are five singers left in the competition, and they are:

  • Liza Kalandadze

  • Giorgi Nakashidze

  • Oto Nemsadze

  • Giorgi Pruidze

  • Nini Tsnobiladze

Next week will see the final elimination that will culminate in the four remaining artists choosing one of the selected songs to sing in the countries final. Stay tuned for more!!!

Have you decided on your winner yet? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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