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North Macedonia | Tamara's song "Proud" will be released on March 4th

Tamara Todevska, this year's representative for North Macedonia, has revealed in an Instagram post that her song for Eurovision 2019, "Proud", will be released on March 4th. In her Instagram post. She also revealed more information about the song, and about what her participation in Eurovision means to her, saying

"You see, for me, Eurovision has never been about entering the finals, being in the top 10 or even winning. Eurovision, to me, has always been so much more than that!

Eurovision is about accepting the different, defying the norms and being proud of who you are, just the way you are. Eurovision is that one night in the year when the entire continent comes together to celebrate boldness, bravery and individuality! It is the place where being different means being PROUD."

Tamara's song has been written and composed by Darko Dimitrov, Lazar Cvetkovski and Robert Bilbilov. She will perform in the second semi final of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv.

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