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Hungary | Disqualification confirmed in A Dal final

The second semi-final of Hungary's national selection A Dal took place last Saturday, and four acts got through to next weekend's final show. But it was then announced by host (and Eurovision 2016 contestant) Freddie, that there might be changes to the final line-up, as one of the songs had been accused of plagiarism. Until they had completed an investigation of their own, the national broadcaster MTVA would not name the act in question.

It has now been revealed that singer/songwriter Petruska is disqualified from the final, since his song "Help Me Out Of Here" does bear signs of plagiarism. The MTVA team investigating the claim found that parts of the song sounds significantly similar to "White Sky" by band Vampire Weekend.

The free spot in the upcoming show will now be filled by Gergő Oláh with “Hozzád bújnék” who was the highest scoring non-qualifier from the semi-finals.

Can you hear the similarities between the songs? Do you agree with MTVA's decision? Let us know in the comments below!

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