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Greece | It's 'Better Love' for Katerine Duska

Thanks to our friends at Infe Cyprus, we received a major hint earlier today about the song that Katerine Duska could sing in Tel Aviv this May, and now, it has been officially confirmed.

Earlier in the day, the Greek-Canadian singer posted on her instagram the above post, with the caption 'Coming Soon...'. This caused people to speculate if this was the title of her song she will be singing in Eurovision. Since then, it has been confirmed that this is in fact the case. The song is yet to be revealed and is expected to be released sometime in March by ERT and her record label.

Greece failed to qualify last year when Yianni Terzi represented the country with the song 'Oniro Mou', and had it's last top 10 placing back in 2013, where it came 5th place in the final. Could Katerine be the one to get the country back in the final or even back into the top 10?

Check out our interview with last years Greek participant, Yianna Terzi, in Lisbon:

What are your early impressions of the title? Are you excited for the reveal of the song? Tell us what you think below in the comments and be sure to follow us on Social Media.

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