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Spain | Miki Films The Music Video For 'La Venda' Whilst Confirming Promotional Tour

Spain are in with a fighting chance of winning the Eurovison this year, after the country opted to send Miki with his song, "La Venda" to Tel Aviv this May. Since winning the right to represent his country, he has already become very popular with fans, with his hit getting a lot of air play, and winning a lot of support from the public, and press.

We brought you news earlier that France have become the first country to release their official music video for their entry. The broadcaster for Spain has now revealed that Miki has filmed his music video this week in San Cugat, Barcelona, in the hope that the video will be tool to enable people to "live life without prejudice". Of the video he said,

"The video clip is going to be a combination of many cool things: a lot of colour, a lot of parties, people dancing... a message that you have to understand".

He also says,

"Both the staging, and the video clip are very important for those who do not understand the lyrics... the message must be perfectly understood... let us lose the restraints, that you have to love yourself more, that we can improve our day to day".

Check out the making of "La Venda" below:

The broadcaster for Spain, has also revealed that Miki will be touring countries in Europe in order to promote his song in the countdown to Eurovision. Could he be coming to a city near you?

RTVE have confirmed that the singer will making appearances in at least three venues. On March the 8th will see him perform at the OGAE Sweden, Melodifestivalen pre-party. On April 6th he will be at Eurovision in Concert in the Netherlands, and the 19th and 20th April will see him in Madrid for Spain's pre party. Will you be seeing him at any? Check out Andy reacts to, "La Venda" below

Tickets for the Eurovision party in London have also been released. Are we likely to see Miki there too?

Last year Spain was represented by Amaia y Alfred with the song, "Tu canción". They automatically qualified for the grand final, and came 23rd with 61 points. Miki's uptempo song, has already a lot of fans and followers. Do you think he could do better?

Do you like Spain's entry this year? Will you be going to any of the pre-parties? Please tell us your thoughts of, "La Venda" in the comments below.

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