ESC 2019 | Your Guide To Super Saturday

Tonight 4 countries will pick their entry for Tel Aviv: Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Latvia. Furthermore several countries will have semi-finals. here's an overview of tonight's shows.

Estonia- Eesti Laul 2019 Final: 18:00 CET

Tonight's first country to select their entry is Estonia. tonight 12 artists will take the stage in Tallin. We'll see 3 familiar Eurovision artists; Birgit (2013), Tanja(2014) and Sandra Nurmsalu(2009). The fan- favourite, however is neither of those, it's Melodifestivalen 2015 participant Victor Crone.

The Running order for the show:

1. Sissi

2. Lumevärv fet. Inga

3. Victor Crone

4. Kerli Kivilaan

5. Xtra Basic & Emily J

6. Kaidah

7. Synne Valtri

8. Stefan

9. The Swingers

10. Uku Suviste

11. Inger

12. Sandra Nurmsalu

You can watch the show live by clicking this link

Slovenia- EMA 2019 Final: 20:00 CET

The second final to be held tonight is EMA in Ljubljana. 10 artists are in the race to be Slovenia's next representative. Slovenia's Junior Eurovision 2015 artist Ula Lozar is back to represent her country at the 'adult' Eurovision.

The running order is as follows:

1. Kim

2. Renata Mohoric

3. René

4. Fed Horses

5. Ula Lozar


7. Okusticni


9. Zala Kralj & Gasper santl

10. Raiven

You can watch the show live by clicking this link

Croatia- Dora 2019 Final: 20:05 CET

For this year ,HRT re-introduced the national final format Dora. It means that for the first time since 2011 Croatia will be picking their entry by hosting an national final. 16 artists will perform their song on the stage. 2018's representative Franka will open the show with her song 'Crazy'.

The running order is as follows:

1. Bojan & Danijela

2. Jelena Bosancic

3. Kin Verson

4. Jure Brkljaca

5. Beta Sudar

6. Lea Mijatovic

7. Gelato Sisters

8. Luka Nizetic

9. Ellis Lovric

10. Domenica

11. Roko Blazevic

12. Ema Gagro

13. Lidija Bacic

14. Lorena Bucan

15. Bernarda Bruno

16. Manntra

Latvia- Supernova 2019 Final: 20:25 CET

After 2 semi finals Latvia will hold the final of their national selection, Supernova 2019. 8 artists will take to the stage of Supernova. The special feature in the selection process in Supernova is that Spotify streams count too, alongside a jury, public and internet vote.

The running order is as follows:

1. Markus Riva

2. Edgars Kreilis

3. Aivo Oskis

4. Double Faced Eels

5. Dzili Violets fet. Kozmens

6. Laime Pilniga

7. Samanta Tina

8. Carousel

You can watch the show live by clicking this link

Ukraine- Vidbir 2019 semi-final 2: 18:00 CET

Semi-Final 2 of the Ukrainian national selection will take place tonight. Eight contestants will perform their song. Three of them will follow Yuko, Maruv and Brunettes Shoot Blondes to the final.

Tonight's eight acts are as follows:

  1. Ivan NAVI


  3. KAZKA


  5. LAUD


  7. Braii

  8. Freedom Jazz

You can follow the show live by clicking this link

Hungary- A Dal 2019 semi-final 2 19:30 CET

The second semi- final of A- Dal will take place tonight in Hungary. 4 acts will be chosen to proceed to the final. 2017 representative Pápai Joci will sing his song "Az En Apám" tonight.

The Artists competing tonight are:

- Antal Timi feat. Demko Gergo

- Fatal Error

- Mocsok 1 Kölykök

- Nagy Bogi

- Nomad

- Oláh Gergo

- Pápai Joci

- Ruby Harlem

- Szekér Gergo

You can watch the show live by clicking this link

Sweden- Melodifestivalen 2019 Deltävig 3: 20:00 CET

The third show of perhaps Eurovision's most well known national final will take place tonight in Leksand. 2 song will directly go to the final and 2 others will proceed to the second chance show.

The running order is as follows:

1. The Lovers Of Valdaro

2. Dolly Style

3. Martin Stenmarck

4. Lina Hedlund

5. Omar Rudberg

6. Rebecka Karlsson

7. Jon Hendrik Fjällgren

You can watch the show live by clicking this link

Lithuania- Eurovizijos 2019 semi-final 2: 20:30 CET

After multiple heats and the first semi- final, semi- final 2 of the Lithuanian search for an Eurovision act will take place. 4 acts will follow the 4 proceeded acts of semi- final 1.

The competing artists:

- Sarūas maciūlis

- Aldegunda

- Jurgis DID & Erica Jennings

- Original Copy

- Paola Hart

-Antikvariniai Kaspirovskio Dantys

- MaNNazz

- Jurijus

- Soliaris & Forgeign Souls

- Zivilė Gedvilaitė

- Alen Chicco

- Monika Marija

You can watch the show live by clicking this link

Iceland- Söngvakeppnin 2019 semi-final 2 20:45 CET

After semi- final 1 took place last week, tonight it's semi- final 2's turn. 2 acts will qualify for the final, following Hatari and Herja Björk.

1. elli grill, Skaði, Glymur

2. Friðrik Ómar

3. Ívar Daníels

4. Tara Mobee

5. Heiðrún Anna Björnsdóttir

Portugal- Festival da Canção semi-final 1 22:00 CET

The search for the next Portuguese Eurovision entry will officially start tonight with semi- final 1.

The participants for tonight's show are as follows:

-Ana Claudia

- Joao Campos

- Soraia Tavares


- Coran Isiris

- Ela Liamo

- Filipe Keil

- Matay

You can follow the show live by clicking this link

This completes the full line-up of tonight's events! which selections are you going to watch? let us know int the comments below

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