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France | Bilal Hassani Releases The Official Video For 'Roi'

February 16, 2019


With the songs coming in thick and fast for this years Eurovision.  The official video's accompanying them will shortly be released, and will be used as promotion to enhance the competing songs chances at the competition.  France who were one of the first countries to select their song, and singer have officially released their music video for "Roi".


The song "Roi" won the right to represent France in Tel Aviv this year after Bilal Hassani stormed to victory in the French national final, "Destination Eurovision 2019".  The song was co-written with Bilal, and Madame Monsieur who sang their song, "Merci" in Lisbon last year.  Check out the official video below:




The song which was released on YouTube several hours ago, has already accumulated several thousand views, and is popular amongst many, and a popular contender to win the competition.  Bilal who is a famous YouTuber has done great work in bringing prominence to LGBT issues across.


During the French national final, Bilal stormed to victory with the public vote.  The international juries placed him 5th with 50 points.  However, thanks to a massive televote of 150 points, which led to combined score of 200 points, he was able to win the ticket to Tel Aviv.  Check out Andy reacts below:



The video show Bilal preparing for his stage entry, and giving the performance of his life.  The artist can clearly sing, and will be the pride of France come May.  Last year the country was represented by Madame Monsieur with the song, "Merci", they scored 173 points securing a 13th place? 


Do you think, "Roi" could win or have chance?   Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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