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100 Days. 100 Song. The Countdown To Eurovision

The 7th of February marked exactly 100 hundred days until Eurovision, it seems fitting to celebrate this by counting down 100 days with 100 songs. The last sixty three years has brought us nearly eighteen hundred fantastic, and unique Eurovision entries that some will love, whist others might not like so much. Each day we will bring you a song, and give you details on how it performed at the contest, but also information on the artist, and find out what happened next? Join us on this journey as we countdown from day 100 to 1 where we will have another 43 songs to add to this list.

Day 92 - Juliana Pasha - "It's All About You" For Albania 2010

The year was 2010, and the contest was in its 55th edition. It had come back to Norway for a third time after Alexander Rybak won the competiton in record breaking style a year earlier in Moscow. The contest was broadcast from the Telenor Arena in Bærum, Greater Oslo, Norway, and was hosted by Eric Solbakken, Haddy Jatou N'jie and Nadia Hasnaoui. The semi-finals took place on 25 and 27 May 2010. The final took place on the 29th May. It was Lena for Germany who would take the crown this year with her song, "Satellite", which was the first time in 28 years. Thirty nine countries would be present, with no new debuts. It did see Georgia return, whilst Andorra, Czech Republic, Hungary and Montenegro withdraw. The three shows were spectacularly produced, and cost a staggering 24 million Euro's. For the first time in the semi final history, they would see an equal 50% jury, and public vote that would find the top ten of that year. Niamh Kavanagh would return for Ireland this year. The biggest shock to come this year was the fact that Sweden did not qualify for a grand final. It still is the only time that this has happened. Home boy Didrik Solli-Tangen could only manage 20th place, whilst Spain had to sing again due to a stage invasion during his performance. The United Kingdom would see itself coming last for the third time since 2003. Despite coming second, it would be the last time that Turkey would also be present at the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year saw Albania represented by Juliana Pasha with song, "It's all about you", it was a very modern, uptempo pop song that went down well in the hall. Before the contest the song had been changed to English, and revamped. The talented singer had to qualify at first. She did this at ease placing 6th in semi final one scoring 76 points. Could she emulate this success in the Grand Final? Not quite, she would sing in spot number 15, but could only achieve a sixteenth place finish, collecting 62 points this time. Juliana received points from 12 countries with it receiving 12 points from Macedonia, and ten points from Greece. Although it did not win, it is still highly regarded amongst fans, and played a lot at Eurovision events. Check the song out below:

Who Is Juliana Pasha?

Juliana Pasha was born on the 20th May 1980 from Burrel in Albania. She is currently 38 years old. She is very religious, and holds Christianity in high esteem, Her winning the opportunity to represent Albania at the contest led to the Mayor of Burrel awarding her with the Honorary Citizen Award. She is still going strong as a singer today, and plans to release a Christian CD in English and Albanian soon. In Festivali i Këngës she has been very successful having won it on two occasions in 1999 and 2010. She also placed third in 2007, and in 2008 she came second.

What Happened After Eurovision?

It was business as normal after she left Eurovision. She currently still performs, and writes songs. She is hoping to release a Christian CD soon. She has also won several more awards in recent years to do with her music. Her most recent was back in 2015 with the song, "Vullcan", the singer won best vocal, but placed third in the Kënga Magjike. She is currently an activist in trying to remove the practice of blood vengeance in Albania.

Do you remember the contest? Did you like this uptempo number from Albania? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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