Serbia | The Running Order For Beovizija 2019 Has Been Announced

This year Serbia will decide its Eurovision entrant with a national final, Beovizija 2019. Twenty four songs will compete with the honour of trying to represent Serbia at the contest in Tel Aviv. According to, the national broadcaster have decided the running order, and allocation of the songs in their respective semi-finals have been released.

The winner will be decided from a split of 50% vote from a jury made up of music experts, whilst the other 50% will come from the public vote. The draw, and split of song today was made randomly today. The order of the songs in their respective semi finals, are as follows:

Semi Final One - 27th February 2019

  1. Funked Up -‘Zašto Da Se Ne Desi’

  2. Aleksandra Sekulić – ‘Tugo’

  3. Osvajači – ‘Vatra i plamen’

  4. Dunja Vujadinović – ‘7’

  5. MR DOO – ‘Do 100’

  6. Saška Janks – ‘Da li čuješ moj glas’

  7. Ivan Kurtić – ‘Bella – Bela’

  8. Sofija Perić – ‘Aritmija’

  9. Snežana Berić (Extra Nena) – ‘Još ti čujem glas’

  10. Eleonora – ‘Samo lagano’

  11. Ivana Vladović & Wonder Strings – ‘Moja bol’

  12. Nataša & Una – ‘Slobodna’

Semi Final Two - 28th February 2019

  1. Sanja Rio – ‘Ljubimo Se’

  2. Majdan – ‘Budim Te’

  3. Goga Stanić – ‘Ti znaš da ne znaš me’

  4. Ana Popović – ‘Lutaš’

  5. Lord – ‘Radnički Sin’

  6. Nevena Božović – ‘Kruna’

  7. Gypsykord – ‘Boje'

  8. Jana Šušteršič – ‘Viktorija’

  9. Lana i Aldo – ‘Pogledaj u Nebo’

  10. Dženan Lončarević – ‘Nema Suza’

  11. Tina & Lola Amvon – ‘Tvoje Oči’

  12. Tamara Milanović – ‘Reči Nisu Dovoljne’

Each semi final will see 6 songs being sent to the grand final which will be held on the 3 March 2019. The contest will take place in the Studio 8 of RTS, in Belgrade. The final will consist of 12 songs, meaning half were eliminated during the semi finals.

The broadcaster RTS had opted this year to return to their national final of Beovizija 2019, after it last used this option of selecting its song in 2009.

Have you heard the songs? Which one do you think will win? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below?

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