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Lithuania | It would Be Criminal To Vote For 'Criminal'

Lithuania will be one step closer next week to choosing their next Eurovision star. They have one more semi final to take place, which will decide the final four artists, and songs that will compete in the countries final on the 23rd February 2019.

One singer, however, in an unusual step is asking fans not to vote for her song. The artist Monika Marija who already has one song in the final "Light On", is now asking the public not to vote for her other entry, "Criminal". She has decided that her first qualified entry would be the best one to serve Lithuania at Eurovision.

On her social media account she told fans that,

"I'll be very grateful to the jury, if you don't give me points in the semi-final, and I ask the audience to save their money, and I sincerely ask you not to vote for me and my song "Criminal" in the second semi final. I am very happy that my work has received your attention and support, this Saturday I will sing your song, "Criminal" with all my heart! And with "Light On", we will meet the finals".

Being Eurovision, it would not be a surprise to see this song also reach the final of the Lithuania's Eurovizijos Atranka. Technically, if she secured enough votes she could go to the final, and sing both songs. However, Monika has clearly made her decision.

This year the national final, is a much slimmed down version of last years competition. This year only saw four heats to narrow down the songs and artists. The final will take place on the Saturday 23rd February 2019. So far, Henry & Tommy Modric, Justina Budaitė-Junà, Monika Marija, and Jurgis Brūzga have all qualified for the grand final.

Which of Monika's songs do you prefer? Tell us your opinions in the comments below

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