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Finland | The Second Song 'Superman' From Darude Has Been Released For UMK 2019

This time last week, we had the first installment of Darude's UMK song, "Release Me". Tonight, the world famous DJ has released his second song "Superman" which also contains the vocals by Sebastian Rejaman.

The song which was released on to Spotify, and Apple music is available for you to download, and to listen too. The song was written by Ville Virtanen (Darude), Chris Hope and Thom Bridges. You can listen to the song below:

The song itself is in his classic style, with an infectious beat, and is certainly a rhythm you can dance too. Could it be a Eurovision winner though?

Just like last year, Finland have opted to have one singer perform three tracks at their national final, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2019. It will then be up to an international jury, along with the public to decide which song they should send to Tel Aviv.

Last week Darude released "Release Me" which can be viewed below:

Last year Finland were represented by Saara Aalto with the song, "Monsters", she qualified for the grand final but could only manage 25th place, scoring 46 points. Could any of the two potential songs released do any better?

Do you like "Superman"? Which of his two released songs do you prefer? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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