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Italy | Mahmood Confirms Eurovision Participation 2019

The last few days has been the case of "Will He"? or "Won't He"? for Italy's most recent winner of the Sanremo Music Festival, Mahmood. The singer who won the competition several days ago with his song, "Soldi" had been having doubts, after first confirming. In a recent Facebook post, the talented singer, to the delight of many of his fans has confirmed that he will be the next representative for Italy in Tel Aviv.

Since its return to the contest, Italy have tended to use artists from the Sanremo Music Festival to go to Eurovision. The winning artist is usually given the first offer, if this it is refused, the artist that came second will then be asked etc; Since winning the singer has been undecided, but now he seems to have confirmed.

Mahmood won the ticket to Tel Aviv after he was ranked first by the juries who awarded him 63.7% of the total votes in the super final, however, he did place third in the televote. Ultimo, and Il Volo came first and second with the public.

After saying he would, the singer then backtracked and admitted that he would need more time to confirm his choice. Many of his fans will be glad that he has changed his mind, and will head to Tel Aviv.

The song itself is about the relationship that he had built up with his father. It is a reflection of his life, and how his father was absent from most of it. The song means "Money". As Italy are part of the "Big 5", Mahmood will automatically qualify for the grand final.

What do you think of the song? Are you happy that he has made the decision to represent Italy? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below

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