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Italy | Sanremo Scandal! Is Mahmood having doubts over Eurovision?

February 11, 2019


Mahmood was crowned winner of the 69th Festivali di Sanremo on the weekend with his song "Soldi" and shortly after, he confirmed that he would accept the honour of representing Italy at Eurovision 2019. However; it appears that there has been some controversy over his win, and Mahmood is now doubting his Eurovision 2019 participation.


Ultimo, who finished in second place overall (despite winning the televote), has voiced his opinions on the results of the contest, and he has hit back saying that it is unfair that Mahmood won the contest when he received such a low score from the televoters, whilst  he (Ultimo) received more than three times more votes that Mahmood did from the Italian public.


But it appears that Ultimo is not the only one who isn't happy with the final results. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini took to Twitter to ask "Was that the most beautiful Italian song?"


But not everybody is unhappy with the results. Italian television host Elisa Isoardi has said on Twitter: “Proof that the meeting of different cultures creates beauty.”

In the mean time, Mahmood is now re-thinking his Eurovision 2019 participation, and has said that he wasn't aware of how much work and commitment are required a for Eurovision participation. He is expected to reveal his final decision in the coming days.


Would you like to see Mahmood at Eurovision 2019? Or perhaps Ultimo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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