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Croatia | HRT To Reveal Dora 2019 Snippets

Dora, Croatian national selection for Eurovision is set to be held on 16th of February, after a 7-year break. HRT modernized the format of the show and organized Dora in the bigger venue, allowing for more fans to watch it live.

All of that sounds promising and we can hardly wait to finally listen to those 16 songs. What we currently know are just the titles and singers/composers, but despite stating that songs will be heard for the first time at the night of Dora, as we previously reported, according to Eurosong HRT Facebook page, it seems that HRT will treat us with some snippets of the songs during the next week.

Earlier this week, Eurosong HRT made the poll on Instagram, asking fans if they want to hear snippets of the songs prior to the show. The grand majority of the fans voted „yes“, and HRT is here to fulfil their wish. Stay tuned to Eurosong HRT FB page in order not to miss the exclusive Dora snippets next week!

Here's the running order of Dora:

1. Vrijeme predaje - Bojan Jambrošić & Danijela Pintarić 2. Tell me - Jelena Bosančić 3. Nisam to što žele – Kim Verson 4. Ne postojim kad nisi tu – Jure Brkljača 5. Don't give up – Beta Sudar 6. Tebi pripadam – Lea Mijatović 7. Back to that swing – Gelato Sisters 8. Brutalero – Luka Nižetić 9. All i really want – Elis Lovrić 10. Indigo – Domenica 11. The dream – Roko 12. Redemption – Ema Gagro 13. Tek je počelo – Lidija Bačić Lille 14. Tower of Babylon – Lorena 15. I believe in true love – Bernarda 16. In the shadows – Manntra

Here's the reminder of our Andy's interview in Lisbon with the lovely Franka.

Are you excited about the snippets as much as we here at Eurovoxx are? Will you be following Dora next week? Tell us in the comments and make sure to follow us on our social media.

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