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100 Days, 100 Songs. The Big Countdown To Eurovision

The 7th of February marked exactly 100 hundred days until Eurovision, it seems fitting to celebrate this by counting down 100 days with 100 songs. The last sixty three years has brought us nearly eighteen hundred fantastic, and unique Eurovision entries that some will love, whist others might not like so much. Each day we will bring you a song, and give you details on how it performed at the contest, but also information on the artist, and find out what happened next? Join us on this journey as we countdown from day 100 to 1 where we will have another 43 songs to add to this list.

Day 97 - Tor Endresen - "San Francisco" For Norway

It was the 3rd May 1997, and the Eurovision Song Contest would be in it's 42nd year. The contest would once again be hosted by Ireland who had won for a record seventh time the year earlier. It was held in the Point theatre Dublin, and was hosted by Carrie Crowley, and Boyzone's Ronan Keating. It was a smaller show that the year before, but it made up for in quality, and quantity of fantastic songs. The stage featured many television screens,which featured messages from past Eurovision entrants including the world famous Celine Dion. It was an exciting contest for both Ireland, and the United Kingdom whom both fought to win the show. It was however, to be the United Kingdom's year. Katrina and the Waves with the song, "Love Shine A Light" won the contest with 227 points, with Ireland coming second trailing by 70 points. This year would be significant for both countries, as the golden age of ruling the contest had come to an end for both Ireland who would host it for the last time, and the United Kingdom who have never won it since. 1997 saw 25 countries participate with this contest marking the first time that televoting was used. Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom would use this for the very first time. Now, the public could have a direct say on whom they wanted to win.

After hosting the previous year, and nearly winning again, a successful record gained by Norway over the last four years saw them achieving a top 10 place on all four occasions. Norway this year opted to send Tor Endresen with his song, "San Francisco", a very uptempo 50's inspired song that certainly felt popular in the hall. However, at home, and with the international juries, the song failed to move any to vote for it. The song, along with Portugal's entry "Antes do adeus" would score 'nil point'. Thus, giving Norway the dubious record of coming last in the contest on more occasions than any other nation. 1997 also saw the countries fourth 'Nil point'. However, up until today, this is the last time that this has happened. Check out the entry below:

Who Is Tor Endresen?

Tor Lars Oskar Endresen was born in Bergen Norway on the 15th June 1959. This year will mark his 60th birthday. He is best known as a singer, and also a television personality, where his show "Lollipop" made him a household name in the early 90's. The show went on for 30 episodes, and would see him sing 50's and 60's inspired pop songs. Three albums were made as a result of this show. Music is his first love, and over the years he has been prolific with this. Since 1986, he has released 19 albums, and entered Norway's 'Melodi Grand Prix' on twelve occasions. 1997 was the year he won it, but on three occasions he has come second (1989, 1992 and 1994). He has also been awarded two film music awards from Disney, and has nearly seen one of his songs sung as the theme tune to a James Bond movie.

What Happened After Eurovision?

Since Eurovision, Tor has still continued with his music. Coming last at Eurovision has not put him off, as he has continued to still enter Melodi Grand Prix on several more occasions He came third in 1999 with the song "Lover", and still competed as late as 2015 when he performed a duet with fellow Eurovision veteran Elisabeth Andreassen with the song, "All Over The World". He has continued to release albums with 9 more coming since Eurovision. His latest was in 2013 with, "Jumping for Joy". Today, he his still a regular on the music scene.

1997 was a vintage year for Eurovision that saw many countries score well. Did you like Norway's entry that year? Do you think it deserved last place? Tell us what you think? Come back tomorrow for another song on our countdown to Eurovision 2019.

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