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Finland | Darude's First UMK Song Title Revealed Ahead Of Release

February 7, 2019

On the 29th January, it was revealed that EDM  DJ Darude would represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, and this morning the first of his competing entries song titles have been revealed ahead of its release at midnight Finnish time.




Darude will be accompanied by Sebastian Rejman as the vocalist for all three of the competing entries, the first which is due to drop at midnight at Finnish time is titled Release Me, as similar to last year, UMK have released a video with one of the main members of the UMK team this year reacting and describing the song whilst listening through headphones, whilst ourselves do not speak Finnish, several emojis and characters appear on the screen to give a more visual idea of what is being said, the most notable ones which appeared on screen were a sad face, running horses and at one point the words Mozart and Nintendo being used in the same sentence at the start of the song.


It was announced the song will be released onto all streaming services and YouTube at midnight Finnish time, his second and third competing entries will be released on the following subsequent Fridays also. It has not been announced if Darude has worked with any other composers or songwriters on the three entries, unlike last years Finnish act Saara Aalto who had worked with the likes of Thomas G:Son and Joy and Linnea Deb on her entries. 

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