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Moldova | Ten Artists Have Been Chosen For 'O Melodie Pentru Europa'

The national broadcaster for Moldova, TM have revealed the names of the artists, and songs that will compete in their national final for, 'O Melodie Pentru Europa' 2019, in a bid to find the countries next representative at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Early yesterday, Teleradio Moldova held live auditions which was broadcast on Moldova 2. these songs were judged by a jury who scored the performances from 0 to 12 points based on the following criteria:

The Melodic line Originality of song Vocal Performance Interpretation of song performed.

The successful artists were as follows:

  • Anna Odobescu – Stay

  • Aurel Chirtoacă – La cinema (At the cinema)

  • Tinna Gi – Virus

  • Diana Brescan – Lies

  • Siaj – Olimp (Olympus)

  • Limonique – GravitTy

  • Maxim Zavidia – I will not surrender

  • Marcela Scripcaru – Meteor

  • Che MD – Sub Pămînt

  • Vera Țurcanu – Cold

The broadcaster did initially have plans to hold a semi final, that would have been broadcast on March 2nd 2019. However, these plans were dropped in favour of yesterday's live auditions.

DeRoDos represented Moldova last year, and managed to place 10th with 209 points. Are there any songs in the list that could do better? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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