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ESC 2019 | Could Madonna be performing at Eurovision 2019?

First Justin Timberlake, now Madonna? There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the possibility of Madonna performing at the Eurovision 2019 grand final in Tel Aviv, and now it appears it could become a reality, all thanks to one man: Israeli-Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams.

Israel media outlet Y Net have reported that Sylvan Adams is prepared to foot the bill, (estimated at 1.5 million US dollars), for Madonna to perform as part of the interval act at Eurovision 2019. Danny Ben-Naim, one of Sylvan's business partners had this to say:

"After much deliberation, Adams has given the green light to finance Madonna’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. The signing is expected in the coming days, there are a few small things to close.

Sylvan Adams believes that the participation of an artist like Madonna in the Eurovision will significantly increase the exposure and media coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest and the events that accompany it, and through Madonna’s visit to Israel, millions will be exposed to the wonderful people and beauty of the State of Israel".

Why Madonna? Well, aside from being a global superstar with over 30 years experience in the music industry, it seems Madonna does have some ties to Israel. In 2004, she adopted the Hebrew name, Esther, and she regularly studies with a Rabbi at a Kabbalah centre.

Eurovision would not be Madonna's first performance in Israel, nor her first time in the country, as she has performed there on numerous occasions throughout her career and reportedly owns a penthouse in Tel Aviv worth an estimated 20 million dollars.

What are your thoughts on Madonna performing at Eurovision 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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